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In almost all stores, disinfectants, hand sanitisers, and antiseptics have sold out!

These products are used in immense dosages and every single day! We are all taught that they defend us from the germs we are exposed to on a daily basis… including viruses right?

Almost all antiseptics, hand sanitisers and germ killers that are supposed to defend you actually have no impact on the virus what so ever, but rather destroy your health.

Triclosan for example destroys your immune and hormone system. It destroys your healthy gut bacteria, causes leaky gut and make you more vulnerable to any viral attack.

It has taken the FDA almost 14 years until they finally banned this product in household products. Other countries are following the lead. You can imagine how toxic a product must be for the FDA to finally to respond and take action. 

This is 1 of over 70000 toxins used in household cleaners that have neither been regulated nor been tested. And we are only talking about the power of 1 toxin on it's own. Think of the synergistic effects of more than 10 being mixed in these chemical cleaners and sterilisers. 

Considering you want to defend against the CORONA VIRUS, EBV or Herpes the use of these disinfectants does not help at all, but it makes things a lot worse. 

Your main defence against the virus is optimal health and a strong immune system. Heck a good immune system can deal with any virus. But when you destroy your immune system with chemicals that kill white blood cells you kill your own helpers and defenders. 

Unfortunately, ozone is not a chemical that can be patented. If it were, you could buy it everywhere and pay a lot for it. They would sell it at every supermarket and finally have results. But because no one can patent a natural gas, so it's banned. No matter how effective it might be. 

Fortunately, privately and in your own home you can do whatever you want. So if you want to do ozone therapy at home……. YOU CAN. It's legal and just as effective as when you get it done by a doctor. It's simple and cheap. 

For those of you who want to learn how to use ozone internally as a systemic treatment against any VIRAL, bacterial, mould or fungi infection please click here. 


Wiping any surface with Ozone water or soaking  anything in it kills all pathogens including viruses. 

Plus, you have all the benefits described above as well. An up-regulated immune system, more white blood cells, more oxygen, stronger red blood cells that carry more oxygen and discharge it faster into the tissue where it's needed. You even turn your antibiotic resistant bacteria susceptible again. 

And all you need to do is to install a small device under your sink which infuses your cold kitchen water with ozone. 

If you want to keep your family safe and protect them from a virus, bacteria and mould then get this ozonator and install it as soon as possible in your laundry or kitchen. 

Get your Sterile O3Water Now

Order now and get $100 discount and international FREE shipping. Only while stock lasts. 

Device comes with all necessary adapters and can be installed in minutes. 


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