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Does Ozone Kill Good Bacteria Too?

HIV-1 infection, Epstein Barr virus (EBV), Chronic Hepatitis B,C, Herpetic infections and Herpes Zoster, Lyme disease, Papillomavirus, Colds and flus, Candida, STD infections!

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Any internal infection, whether viral, bacterial or fungal are not localised but systemic and proliferate predominantly in peripheral lymph nodes, spleen, liver and your gut. Infections travel through the blood and infect every organ, muscle and nerve tissue.

It is therefore necessary to address any infection systemically. 

Ozone vitaminC.006

When performing a rectal Ozone insufflation, you do kill a few good and bad bacteria via oxidisation in the rectum and lower part of the colon. However the amount being killed is in no way relevant to the overall bacterial population.

The main effect by ozone you try to achieve is the biochemical stimulation of your immune system. Your immune system is triggered to kill the pathogens.

ozone vitaminC.008

When ozone is administered via rectal or vaginal insufflation your B lymphocytes send out signals to all other cells informing them about pathogens that should not be in the body. The oxidised pathogens are flagged and inform your immune cells which bacterium or virus or fungi has to be eliminated.

ozone vitaminC.009

This is then communicated from cell to cell via cytokines. The immune system releases all the different killing, growth, repair and anti viral and anti bacterial responses in your body. It’s your immune system which does the job. Not the ozone. Ozone just acts like a switch to turn on this healing response.

ozone vitaminC.011

Killing Infected Cells is Only Half The Job.

ozone vitaminC.012

It does not really matter how much and how fast you kill virus and bacteria. As long as you do not protect your healthy cells from re- infection you will never get on top of it. It is therefore most important to protect your healthy cells and prevent virus and bacteria to use these cells from replicating.

This is done also by using the wonderful effects ozone provides.

Ozone facilitates the Krebs’s cycle by improving the oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate and promoting the synthesis of ATP. There is also an increase in antioxidant enzymes that act as free radical scavengers (such as glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase). (Ciborowski, Lipska, Godzien, et al., 2012)

With the increased protection of healthy cells that are surrounded by protective enzymes re- infection is reduced more and more.

Upregulating NrF2 Has Many Advantages

ozone vitaminC.013

This has been proven by our dear friend and teacher Dr. Lamberto Re from Ancona Italy. In an experiment he used the blood of patients to show that the amount of ozone administered to a body has little to do with the systemic reaction. That’s why small homeopathic doses as well as mega multiples doses of ozone show all good results. Ozone acts as a switch that turns on a cascade of systemic reactions that proof to be very favourable to recovery and healing.

ozone vitaminC.014

Without Oxygen No Other Therapy Works!

ozone vitaminC.016

Oxygen is the foundation of all cellular mechanisms and if your body can not utilise Oxygen very well all systems suffer. It is therefore mandatory to increase oxygenation and utilisation.

ozone vitaminC.018

This can be done via sport and exercise, which like Ozone provides the same oxidative stress. Healthier red blood cells being produced in the bone marrow to bind and deliver more oxygen to the body due to the oxidative stress. I mentioned this already in a previous article: “Ozone is Exercise in a insufflation bag”.

ozone vitaminC.019

With oxygen your body produces ATP and has a lot of energy. Without oxygen your body ferments food and causes high acidity, lack of energy and high inflammation.  often is not what you eat the cause of high acidity but the lack of oxygen.

Ozone therapy has been reported to produce an increase in red blood cell gly­colysis rate. This leads to stimulation of 2, 3 diphosphoglycerate which then allows a rise of the oxygen released to the tissues.


Better Oxygen Utilisation = Much Improved IV Vitamin C Response

ozone vitaminC.022

An Italian group of researchers postulate that a prolonged cycle of ozonated autohemotherapy may correct tu­mor hypoxia, leading to less aggressive tumor behavior. 

Improving oxygen levels would be expected to favor the anticancer effect of vi­tamin C.

ozone vitaminC.021

The level of tissue oxygenation may be the most im­portant limiting factor in the anticancer activity of high dose IV vitamin C.

As we are all well aware, one of the most impor­tant mechanisms by which vitamin C exerts its anticancer action is by the production of hydrogen peroxide. For this to occur, the presence of sufficient oxygen is a requisite. Limited oxygen availability reduces the chances of the production of hydrogen per­oxide from the conversion of ascorbic acid to dehydroascorbic acid.

ozone vitaminC.023


If you can find a doctor to administer IV Vitamin C therapy followed by a hyperbaric oxygen therapy you have the best of both worlds. It is a very powerful combination.

If you have problems finding an ozone doctor or don’t have the funds you can however simulate the same results at home. All you need to do is to start with 5 x week rectal ozone insufflation for at least a couple of weeks to prime your red blood cells and saturate your oxygen utilisation and then start with either oral or IV vitamin C treatments.

ozone vitaminC.024

All you have to do is to administer a 250ml rectal ozone insufflation preferably after a bowel motion. Females can add a vaginal ozone insufflation as well to intensify the effects and to combat infections or vaginal dryness, infertility etc.

Combined with daily ozone water, which heals your gut and relieves you from infections like Helicobacter pylori, you have a complete home therapy enabling you to combat almost every infection.

In case you have more questions, which I am certain you have, check out the TRULY HEAL OZONE UNIVERSITY 

You will find Ozone treatments for different diseases and protocols used in Europe and Kuba, as well as popular home therapies. Learn how to set up your Ozone clinic at home.


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