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Ozone Eye Drops

Ozonated saline eye drops are a popular treatment for many eye conditions.

Ozone Eye Drops 

In Germany you will find that many doctors use Ozone eye drops for Dry, Inflamed, Red – Eyes, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and Infected Eyes

Infected and inflamed eyes, zysts in eyes, macular degeneration, red eyes, dry eyes, can be easily flushed with Ozone Eye Drops. Bubble with 1L to 2/3 L per minute. The concentration is very light but will help deal with all infections in your eyes, dental problems, gum, pimples and other infected wounds. 

The essential concepts to bear in mind are the following:

For maximum concentration bubble for 10 to 15 min. Can be stored in closed bottle in fridge for 4 hours of use. After that half life will reduce the concentration to 50%. 


18 Responses

  1. Hello. I am dealing with cataracts and I want to make ozone eye drops. I have O3Elite ozone generator. In order for me to make eye drops what setting I should have: for oxygen flow (this video says- 3/4; what gamma I should set & timing for 250 cc of saline water. Thank you. Leon

  2. Hello, please clarify: you set up 1.0 Liter or 2/3 Liter per minute, bubble for 10 to 15 minutes, you use about 50 mg of saline solution (am I correct?); what gamma are you using? Thanks.

    1. Hello Leon, to make water you use distilled water and bubble for around 15 to 20 min with a concentration of 27mg per litre to 40mg per litre. For Eye drops please check out this video.

  3. Just Lynne says:

    To make eye drops do you ozonate water for 15 minutes?
    How often do you apply the drops, and how many drops at a time?

  4. Hi Marcus, Is it safe to use the eye drops several times a day?



    1. Hello Brian, I have used them 5 to 10 times a day like the sinus insufflation to get rid of an eye infection. There is no research but patient studies which show repeated use with 5 to 10 applications per day for over 2 weeks. I can not imagine any adverse effects.

  5. Mohammed M Ibrahim says:

    Is it good for glaucoma ?
    Kind regards

    1. Several doctors and clinics describe good results for cataracts and glaucoma. I personally have no one in my family or friends with these problems. So I cant tell you from personal experience.

  6. How many times a day should I use ozone drops in my dogs eyes for starting of cataracts

    1. For humans they recommend 5 x per day 3 to 5 drops.

  7. Are you putting the saline solution in the tube instead of distilled water?

  8. Donald Tello says:

    I just want to clarify that you use saline solution in place of distilled water for the eye drops. It seems obvious, but I want to be sure before putting them in my eyes.

    Thanks for all your work.


    1. Yes for eye drops you use the saline solution and look for some that has no preservatives.

  9. hello, I am recovering from shingles in the eye. an extreme case the doc says. it is now going on 7 months and my eye is an issue every day, some days it’s not so bad but today it is so inflamed red, and it hurts.

    Do you know of anyone that has used these eye drops for symptoms like mine? I am on an anti-inflammatory diet, I am in good health other than this issue. I have the ozone machine, looking forward to making these eye drops

    1. Hello Fiona, I have no idea if someone has used ozone eye drops for shingles but you can always try. If you have the device just do it 5 x per day with the concentrated o3 salt water solution and let us know how it turns out. It can only help and does no harm.

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