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Ozone Water

Ozone water is very versatile. It can be used topically, internally or to disinfect surfaces.

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Applications and Indications. 

Ozone water offers an array of treatment options that are safe, easy and very effective. 

 Produce Ozone water as shown in video above.  To achieve best results use fresh spring water and cool with ice. Cold water binds many more O3 molecules and holds longer.  When you want to use your O3 water later keep refrigerated. 

The max saturation you can achieve in cold water is around 26mg/l. It reacts immediately upon skin contact, contrary to ozone cream which has a long term effect.



Indications are: Local infections, ulcus cruis, decubitus ulcers, mycosis and mycotic infections, herpes simplex and herpes zoster, burns, super infected burns (radiation burns), intraoperative rinsing, eye injuries and infections, surgical scars, edemas of traumatic or bacterial origin.

Besides  generally improving your energy levels and balancing your gut dysbiosis Ozone water can also be used externally on infected wounds, burns, cuts and injuries. Especially chronic non healing wounds like diabetic foot and burn wounds can easily be treated with either  -ozone water, -ozone baths, -ozone spray or -ozone compresses. 



Ozone water kills virus, fungi, mould and bacteria such as E. coli, yeast, salmonella, listeria, helicobacter pylori, and many more. It also optimises liver and kidney functions while showing proven results with candida and many other imbalances of the gut.

The increased Oxygen uptake also has a miraculous effect on the brain and stimulates a much brighter outlook into the future. You heal your nervous system and increase your neurotransmitter functions. .

Recommendations for drinking Ozone water are inconsistent. Some doctors recommend up to 1/2 litre per day and others recommend 2 teaspoons per day with equal results. Some recommend to consume all at once while others ask you to spread your consumption out through the day. All concepts seem logical and have proven results yet it’s really hard to find a clear recommendation. 


My personal  recommendation after extensive testing …. 


It does not matter how much and how often. Ozone water does not taste very good, which means you will not be very diligent with this new health regiment. Rather vary with small or little amounts based on how many people you have to share your O3 water with. 

Some days you get little, and other days you have it all for yourself and can spread it out through the day.  Just do it and observe how your energy level rises, your gut inflammation cools down and your body becomes saturated with enough oxygen to deal with life much more efficient and joyful. 

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23 Responses

  1. Dr. James J. Livengood says:

    1.) Drinking ozone water … should it be on an empty stomach?
    2.) Drinking ozone water … since ozone works immediately on contact, can food be eaten , oh say, 5 minutes after drinking ozone water?
    3. Do you think ozone water can penetrate the fingernail is the nail is soaked 15 minutes?

    1. Hello Dr. James, It is definitely far more effective on an empty stomach in the morning. Normally you should not drink 10 min before you eat and at least 30 min after. better 1 hour. This is just to avoid thinning down your stomach acid. HCL is low in most patients anyway and should not be diluted with drinks. All doctors recommend to have rectal insufflation and ozone water first thing in the morning after you went to the bathroom. This way it works like a charm.

  2. Karen Yonke says:

    I am interested in the power bundle. When is this available and does the oxygen tank come with it?

  3. Hello,

    What ozone concentrations should be in drinking water ?

    Thank you.

    1. Max saturation you can achieve is 26ml per litre in cold water. Even if you bubble far longer than 20 min is it not possible to reach a higher concentration.

  4. Hello Marcus,
    What Max ozone concentration mg/L in the Water you can drink ?

    Thank you

    1. Maximum saturation is 26 mg/litre after about 20 min bubbling cold water on 1/2 l flow rate per minute.

  5. Malgosia Weglarz says:

    Hi Marcus, do the glass beaker and tubes need to be cleaned after every use? If not, when should they be cleaned and with what?
    Thank you

    1. I have my glass taped up on the top since weeks so that the lid stays properly sealed. I make Ozone water every day. After reading your question checked this morning if the pipes are slimy or feel soapy – NO. I also checked if the beaker inside requires cleaning – NO. All perfect inside. I do not even empty the water out that is left. I just fill up more in the morning before I bubble the water again.
      I assume that the sterile water and the gas prevents anything from growing and that when you use it daily it sterilises itself again and again.

  6. Malgosia Weglarz says:

    Also can you tell me if it is essential I use distilled water? I have a water filter with mineral rocks. Will this be no good to use for ozone water?
    thanks again

    1. I use filtered water as well. I am not sure if there is a big improvement when used in distilled water.

  7. H Marcus, How many times a day can you drink ozone water and in what quantities, also how long will it keep in the fridge?


    1. Half life of Ozone water in a closed container and in the fridge is around 3 hours. So if you have maximum saturation of 26mg/l when freshly made then you have 13mg/l in a 2 to 3 hour old bottle. I would make it fresh as it is easy to do. Just turn on for 10 min and it’s full potential.

      The amount that is used in research studies to combat Helicobakter Pylori for example is 0.3l glass 2 x per day. So it’s a glass in there morning and one in the afternoon. I have no idea if more helps more. No studies were done to see if the effects can be expedited.

  8. Lima Dabbouk says:

    I made a mistake with the hose that is connected to my disturt unit and it is now saturated in water. Has that ruined the distruct unit.

    1. Simply put the destruct unit into the sun or into the oven upright to have the water evaporate from the tube. If you dried it out, shake it so the the little stones are not stuck together. That will recharge the unit and it will work just as before.

  9. Hey Guys
    you seem to be super knowledgable on ozone. I just got myself a machine and, total beginner’s mistake, took a full breath of ozone when taking the lid of my ozone drinking cup. OUCH!
    I had a very tough evening, a pretty rubbish day yesterday and today still a bit wobbly.
    I tried to find out online if I may have caused lasting damaged to my poor lungs but have not found much. Can you give me any advise? I am sure I am not the first numpty to make this mistake…
    Thanks so much

    1. Hello Dominik

      Welcome to the club. You are definitely not alone. I did the same at a workshop when I took a drink from a glass with Ozone sitting on top. Not fun.

      There is no lasting damage. You have oxidised a few lung particles but they grow back in a matter of 3 days. Thats why you feel a bit wobbly the next day.

      A great way to help with this oxidative damage is Glutathione. It’s the best first aid in such cases and good in many other situations as well like when you have a allergic reaction or a bee sting.

      Vitamin C will help as well but by now you probably just have a memory and learned a valuable lesson. No lasting damage.

  10. Zaheer Mamon says:

    What concentration of ozone gas is optimum for bubbling through the water?

    1. 1/2 to 1/4 which means any concentration between 27mg/l to 45mg/l. Max saturation of water is 26mg/l which means if you use the lower setting you achieve that easily.

  11. Anthony Ludwig says:

    Does max saturation of 26mg/l only pertain to your units’ specs or does this saturation level pertain to all manufactured units making ozone regardless of how many mg per liter per hour they are emitting?

    1. It is the water which has a max saturation level and not the system,. If you use cold water it can go to 30mg/l and when you bubble warm water it can be as low as 15mg/l. It is also important to see that the quality of water plays a role. if you use double distilled water it holds more ozone.

  12. Liz Light says:

    When is it safe to open up the lid on the ozone beaker without getting too much ozone into the air? Thank you.

    1. It is always possible to open the lid and wash it out. The concentration you release into the room will never be dangerous. You can smell it but it’s not concentrated enough to cause any harm.

      The only thing you have to avoid is to breathe the ozone in directly. So opening the flask right after you have bubbled the water and taking a deep breath would get you coughing hard.

      Many clinics did bubble ozone water openly in the room with an open system and never had a problem. It’s more a safety feature than a necessity. It also depends on the size of the room, how well ventilated the room is and how long you blow ozone into the room.

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