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Vaginal Ozone Insufflation For Yeast Infection

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Genital/vulvovaginal candidiasis is also known as a “yeast infection,” is a common worldwide disease among females. It occurs when there is overgrowth of the normal yeast in the vagina known as Candida. This infection is relatively common and nearly 75% of all adult women have had at least one ‘yeast infection’ in their lifetime. 

Candida is always present in and on the body in small amounts. However, when an imbalance occurs, such as when the normal acidity of the vagina changes or when hormonal balance changes, Candida can multiply.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection:

– Pain in the vagina 
    (can occur during sexual intercourse or urination)
– Vaginal discharge
– Vaginal itching
– Vaginal inflammation
– Vulval inflammation
– Redness
– Swelling

Under normal circumstances, Candida albicans is a harmless aspect of the body, and for women, part of the vaginal mucosa. However Candida cells can multiply rapidly, and if your system is out of balance from eating unhealthy foods, taking certain prescription drugs, fighting an illness, changes in vaginal pH, and many other reasons, it can flourish out of control. Impaired immune systems are common in women who suffer from vaginal yeast infections.

Women who experience hormonal changes for instance during pregnancy, if they suffer from diabetes, use antibiotics/corticosteroid medications are especially vulnerable to yeast infections. Once the bodies’ defense mechanisms are lowered the vaginal environment is the ideal environment for fungi, yeasts and bacteria to multiply out of control.

Conventional Treatments

Genital infection is mostly treated with antibiotics, leading to an imbalance in gut flora due to prolonged use of antibiotics. Therefore, it is necessary to discover safe and efficacious alternative treatment strategies for patients with genital infection.


Over the counter medications and anti-fungal creams work by reducing and making the symptoms disappear however these creams only treat symptomatically. The underlying issue for the yeast infection/overgrowth is not addressed.

This is also a major reason for recurrent vaginal infections. Recurrent vaginal infections can produce other symptoms of Candida overgrowth including, chronic fatigue, weight gain, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, PMS, cancer and more.

How does Ozone work?

vaginal overgrowth

One of the great advantages of ozone is that it kills damaged, infected, unhealthy cells and pathogens while supporting healthy cells. Ozone (O3) works by eliminating pathogens, activating the immune system, increasing blood circulation and oxygen thereby activating proliferation of cells and starting the healing process.

Ozone has a very strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal action even at low doses.


Ozone and Vaginal Yeast Infections

In an original research study the effects of ozonated olive oil and clotrimazole the anti-fungal drug were compared in the treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis. The results of the study concluded that both reduced the symptoms significantly and led to a negative culture for vaginal candidiasis. Therefore the efficacy of ozonated olive oil in clinical treatments for patients with vulvovaginal candidiasis is a viable option. Ozone possesses efficient, rapid and broad-spectrum anti-septic qualities and has a key role in destroying pathogenic microorganisms. Vaginal ozone administration allows the normal growth of vaginal bacteria and inhibits the growth of anaerobic bacteria due to the influx of oxygen.

Ozone is efficient in destroying the resistance of high vaginal swap (HVS) isolated bacteria to some antibiotics. Subsequently ozone makes antibiotics more susceptible to antibiotic resistant strands.

To detect the effect of ozone on normal vaginal flora and pathogenic bacteria Electron Microscope imaging was done in a study. When bacteria were treated with 60mg/l for 30mins, there was severe cell rupture and destruction. The mechanism of ozone action on bacterial cells disrupts the integrity of bacterial cell enveloped through oxidation of phospholipids and lipoproteins.


Method of Administration

In the previous mentioned studies the protocol is 10 days long with 1 session each day.

Starting with vaginal instillations of 100ml ozonated water (administered via a sterile syringe) – this is extremely important and must not be forgotten.

After each water flush, it was followed by insufflation of the oxygen-ozone gas mixture with a concentration of 23 mg/l for 5 mins with a continuous flow of 1/2  liters/minute.

Before starting with vaginal insufflation 100ml of ozonated water (administered via a syringe) must be instilled. This is extremely important and must not be forgotten. The vaginal mucosa is very thin and sensitive and needs to be moistened before the oxygen-ozone gas is applied.

To stage the process in case of high inflammation and severe bacteria overgrowth you can start with ozone water flushes first. Repeat a few times and use Ozone oil (Coconut and Jojoba) overnight to start the healing process gently. 

Then add the Ozone gas as a secondary stage. You can start with a very low concentration of 3/4l per minute resulting in 16mg of ozone per litre. Repeat for a week and then change to 1/2l per minute resulting in 23mg per litre. This should be the max concentration to use for the rest of the therapy. 

At the end of treatment the patients vaginal flora was repopulated with Lactobacillus via tablets for 7 days. The intestinal flora was also repopulated with Lactobacillus probiotic tablets orally for 1 month.

The results were positive and 85% of the patients responded to treatment.


The patient can place a towel on the lap, which will absorb the excess ozone. Additionally, either wear a mask or put a fan in front of you. Open a window and make sure there is enough ventilation in the room!


Prevention & Additional Treatment for Vaginal Yeast Overgrowth

Prevention of vaginal yeast overgrowth is possible by making the environment in which yeast and fungi love to grow more hostile and difficult for them to thrive.

  • Reducing sugar and high carbohydrate intake. Sugar is the main fuel source for yeast.
  • Not using antibiotics, as this kills off both the good and bad bacteria.
  • Exposure to environmental toxins, which lowers the immune systems ability to keep candida in check.
  • Not taking other medications, such as birth control pills, corticosteroids etc.
  • Reducing chronic stress, which impacts your immune system.
  • Taking adequate nutritional supplements if any deficiencies are present to build up the bodies overall health and constitution.
  • Increasing probiotic (good bacteria) intake either through supplementation or by eating cultured and fermented foods.
  • Alternatives to fight the infection and reduce itching include using tea tree essential oil (apply to pad and wear at night), tea tree in coconut oil (coconut oil is also anti-microbial).
  • Organic plain yogurt can be applied topically to the vagina and internally via a tampon. The active probiotics in the yogurt help restore balance.
  • Not using perfumed or harsh feminine products, but using organic and natural products.
  • Wearing loose fitting clothing and preferably 100% organic cotton underwear to promote oxygen flow, reduce warmth and sweating (as warmth promotes growth).
  • A significant sign of Candida overgrowth is the developed craving for sugars and carbohydrates (as this is the main fuel source for yeast growth).

Treating Your Partner to Prevent Re-Infection

To prevent renewed infection it is wise to treat your partners genitals and sterilise them just like you have treated your vaginal infection. To do so you can use the special ozone resistant bag (included in Ozone bundle) for bagging,  

  • Use Ozone water to soak and moisten the genitals. Dry skin can get irritated easily. So make sure testicles and penis are well soaked.  
  • Pack penis and testicles into the ozone resistant plastic bag from the O3 power bundle and tighten with a strap. (not too tight) 
  • Install ozone inlet on one side and outlet opposite at the other side of the bag. Connect inlet to ozone generator and outlet to destruct unit. 
  • Set flow regulator for the first few times to 3/4l per min (18mg ozone per litre) to start slowly. You can gently increase to 1/2l per min (23mg ozone per litre) if you feel no irritation or discomfort. 
  • Fumigate for around 4 to 5 min. 
  • Use coconut ozone oil or jojoba ozone oil to lubricate and prevent reinfection. 


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10 Responses

  1. I am thinking of using this method for myself but it has nothing to do with what you are explaining.

  2. Claire Brassard says:

    My name is Claire Brassard and I have bought a Ozone regulator 2 1/2 years ago when you came to Australia.
    One question is that my regulator is very different than the one you use for this vaginal O3 treatment. So when you say 1/2L my regulator goes 1,2,3. Concentration so what number would equal that 1/2L.?
    I have cervical cancer phase 4, and it is after that I had Radiotherapy that I am now out of pain, I am taking the Protocel internally and it says to avoid O3 with that treatment. Do you think that I could use this treatment for the vagina without disturbing the Protocel treatment being a strong antioxidant? I feel that this treatment looks very good, do you think it could kill the tumour inserted on the back of my vaginal membrane?I haven’t got the water treatment device. So in the past I have used the O3 only and it did burn my vagina.

  3. David Centola says:

    I have a question about breathing ozone
    I have a truerife machine and when the qx bulb is used it puts off small amounts of ozone.
    Through your teachings I discovered that it’s not safe to ever breathe it in unless it’s filtered through oil.
    Imaince then I have stopped use the qx bulb and only use the nova bulb because it doesn’t create ozone.

    When I emailed truerife and asked them they said that ozone is safe and that’s is made by lightning so we breathe it anyway.
    I’m just trying to find out so that I might be able to pass the knowledge to someone else and use it myself.

    1. NO NO NO. It’s not that dangerous. you need to breath in a lot of high concentration ozone for it to affect your lungs. We are not talking about ozone caused by pollution which is double dangerous as you breathe in the solution as well. Ozone gas smells really strong and if you can smell it, it’s still far from being dangerous.

  4. Judy A Engle says:

    What about women with too many bladder infections, maybe from a complete hysterectomy. Is the treatment the same?

    1. Usually is a bladder infection caused by other factors. Too much sugar and protein, food sensitivities and a weakness in your renal function. Bacteria overgrowth in the bladder shows that your immune system is already struggling to keep infections at bay. So looking what causes it is key. Top treat bladder infection with ozone is easy for females. You empty the bladder and then insert the catheter into the urethra using ozone coconut or jojoba oil to lubricate and fill a small amount of ozone gas into the bladder. Some doctors use 10 to 20 ml with a concentration of 23mg per litre. Super effective and fast as it not only kills the bacteria but also helps with tissue repair and healing by lowering the inflammation. It’s far easier for females than for a male.

  5. Can a vaginal insufflation be performed after ovulation when trying to conceive, or after embro transfer when doing IVF?

    1. I would not do an oxidative therapy when you want to conceive. You do it when there is no risk to oxidise the embryo. Do it in prep before the transfer.

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