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Rectal Ozone Insufflation

Safety of Rectal  Ozone O3 treatments.

In a controlled study in Germany 716 patients were treated with 46,984 ozone insufflations with no system or product related incidents or adverse reactions. Only in patients with severe IBS a few minor transient irritations in the form of flatulence have been observed.  

Based on the results and evidence of the study outcome Rectal Ozone Insufflation was listed within the clinical range of evidence based medicine. 

Ozone Concentration and Dosage

Based on the results of fundamental research over the past 18 years the ozone concentrations and required total amounts can be given in concrete terms. The concentrations listed below are cited in the measurements 1 mg/l. 

Rectal ozone concentrations for systemic preventative and immune supporting applications are recommended with a concentration of 10 to 40 mg/l with a volume of 150 – 300 ml for adults and 10 – 30 ml for children. 

Only for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, haemorrhages, haemorrhoids, proctitis stage 1 and 2,  anal fistulae, rectal, prostrate and colon cancer concentrations of 70 – 90 mg/l  are recommended with small volumes of 50ml 3 – 5 times on a daily basis. This is reduced to 27mg/l with 100 – 300 ml volumes for maintenance 2 – 3 times per week.  

As per Dr. Rau from the Paracelsus clinic in Swiss, Prostate cancer is always connected with long term bacteria infections  which are directly treated with ozone. Rectal ozone stimulates the immune system, provides plentiful oxygen to the immune cells for the respiratory burst and therefore increases chances of a recovery. Dr. Robert Rowen MD has also stunning results using Ozone rectally. 

Below you find a list of indications with best results based on clinical research for  rectal ozone insufflation. This list has been provided by Dr. Fiban Henzler. 


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Vaginal Insufflations

vaginal ozone insufflation

Vaginal Insufflations are just as effective and sometimes better tolerated than rectal insufflations. You can use the same Cuba protocol, but increase the volume of released ozone per treatment. Some of the doctors we asked for an opinion recommended up to 1400 ml per treatment. That equals 2 full insufflation bags. (Recommended concentration 16mg/l to 23mg/l)

You can even connect the catheter directly to the generator and apply the Ozone directly. Use a cloth or moist towel over your lab to prevent the inhalation of ozone.

Before starting with vaginal insufflation 100ml of ozonated water (administered via a syringe) must be instilled. This is extremely important and must not be forgotten. The vaginal mucosa is very thin and sensitive and needs to be moistened before the oxygen-ozone gas is applied.

Some doctors recommend to repopulate the vaginal flora with Lactobacillus probiotics vaginal tablets.



If you need to transport Ozone please consider the decomposition chart to the right. You can roughly say that O3 decomposes in 2 hours to half the value. So when you create a concentration of 80mg/l you have in 2 hours around 40mg/l.  But only if you keep the Ozone in the insufflation bag covered with ice chips in a cooling container or keep it in a fridge.  As soon as you reach room temperature the concentration dissolves back into O2 and water/condensation.

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42 Responses

  1. Hi There – I am hoping you can clear something up for me.

    I have a tumor in my lower colon and need to clarify the dose.

    Above it says this….

    Only for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, haemorrhages, haemorrhoids, proctitis stage 1 and 2, anal fistulae, rectal, prostrate and colon cancer concentrations of 70 – 90 mg/l are recommended with small volumes of 50ml 3 – 5 times on a daily basis. This is reduced to 27mg/l with 100 – 300 ml volumes for maintenance 2 – 3 times per week. My question is – how long do I do the 3-5 times daily? Can I overdo it? I’ve been doing it twice/day for about 4 days and plan to increase to 3 times/day.

    Then the chart reads as though it is only done 3-5 times – then move to CUBA protocol.

    Could you please clarify?

    Thanks for ll your wonderful work very much appreciated.

    1. I’m no expert on RI’s, but yes u can definitely over do them. Usually early signs are discomfort that continues long after the treatment, like next day or much later same day. Listen to ur body & if at all possible see an ozone doctor who can help u design a custom protocol. Everyone is different & the Cuban protocol seems built for the masses & may be effective but could be far from ideal.

      Also, u may get much better results by doing direct ozone IV’s daily or several times a week, along w RI’s. IV’s are an exponentially stronger systemic treatment & they likely would pair well together, but check w a competent doctor who know a ur situation & has experience w these treatments. Many will teach u how to do some more advanced treatments at home if u cannot afford frequent treatments at there office & many patients have eventually been given the green light to do their own DIV’s at home, usually only if they’ve had previous medical training or know a nurse that can help etc

      I’ve heard good things about ozone saunas for systemic treatments, in case IV’s aren’t an option, this could be worth looking into.

      At minimum I would also consume ozone water at least 2-3 times daily & build up to a couple liters a day if possible. That will help address the pathogens upstream that area likely feeding to colon issues. It’s great to treat the colon but it’s source could be higher up. Food grade peroxide is the next best thing mixed w water and is much easier to use multiple times daily & can be used in the car at work on the go etc. It’s also can a decent systemic treatment when used multiple times at higher doses & can help a lot w some other treatments

  2. David Sondergeld says:

    I am interested in flooding my body with oxygen but do not want to be so aggressive as to cause any harm. I know, I have heard you say not to do IV ozone AND RI ozone on the same day. I have been doing 200-300ccs of ozone on setting 7 every day gradually increasing until I get up to 400 cc. I will begin EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy on Monday for 5-15 minutes breathing 94% pure oxygen. I am somewhat concerned about developing oxygen toxicity, however so few physicians are familiar with both EWOT and RI ozone it is almost impossible to get any answer… I have underlying COPD along with a small <2cm nodule squamous cell cancer of the lung. I am also considering bagging, since the nodule is located posterior against the rib wall of my upper lung field.

    1. Student of Natural medicine says:

      Hi David,

      Ozone & EWOT are outstanding. Ur definitely doing a LOT of the right stuff. For COPD & the more severe lung issues as well most ozone doctors recommend BOO (breathing ozone thru oil that eliminates the ozone leaving oxygen & peroxide’s seems absolutely ideal & many of the best doctors recommend this for COPD & similar issues. It will kill the pathogens that cause COPD & Cancer & thousands of people have eliminated COPD w BOO or nebulizing peroxide colloidal silver or Aqualauren. The only thing those have in common is they all kill pathogens & also all cure COPD & other chronic lung diseases…family has had quick drastically improved lung function w those methods. Not medical advice but something to talk to a natural or functional medicine doctor about. EWOT & BOO would be exactly what I would do in those circumstances & anything else added (like RI’s or IV’s ) is just a plus. I would also add a ketogenic diet which literally doubles the body’s oxygen efficiency & mitochondrial function in 4-5 days, at least for 90% of us.

      Btw oxygen toxicity takes days of breathing pure oxygen. It’s not something that happens from a 30-45 treatment, that I’ve heard of, & I’ve never heard of any toxicity risks w EWOT or hyperbaric oxygen. It would likely require 12-18 hour treatments daily for weeks or longer to cause any damage, but check in w the doctors who use these treatments-u can probably get an answer from them online email or by calling their office.

      There’s books on EWOT written by medical doctors & more advanced medical protocols w modern research showing even better EWOT methods. From my understanding it’s ideal to first do some HIT sets wo oxygen to really challenge the lungs & cardio system, so the body isn’t dependent on extra oxygen for performance, then following w EWOT that fully saturates new areas of the body w oxygen etc. The body likes this & gets really good benefits from the extra oxygen & learns to up baseline substantially over time.

      Would love to do EWOT just don’t have the necessary equipment. Were u able to get insurance to cover the oxygen concentrator or anything due to lung issues?

      Best of luck to u & I hope u have a full recovery & end up healthier than u have been in years :)

  3. Hi Marcus, How long should the ozone be held in the colon before you can let go and would the time increase with volume?

    1. You can let it go immediately. I first said that you should hold it as long as you can but thats not necessary. The effects happen when you insert the gas immediately.

      1. Hi Marcus,

        I read that Cuban scientists recently proved rectal ozone is absorbed almost immediately by the intestinal wall and that you’ll just be releasing oxygen afterwards since the ozone component is absorbed so quickly.

        But what I’m having a hard time understanding is, if this is the case why is the smell of ozone stronger when released at let’s say 2 minutes versus 15 minutes of hold time? If the ozone component is absorbed immediately it seems there would be no ozone smell, but only the smell of oxygen, when later being released.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to disagree but only to understand.

        1. Hello Scott, first off I have actually tried to avoid smelling my farts after Ozone treatment and not attempted to evaluate the intensity of the smell. Funny. Never thought of it. Ozone smells very intensely even in tiny quantities and seems to seep into any material. After using a treatment bag the bag itself smells for a long time like Ozone. I assume that you mistake the sulphurous smell of dying bacteria as Ozone smell. It’s just as pungent and intense.

          Also remember that the main effect does not come from the immediate treatment but the chain reactions triggered by the treatment. This short 4 second oxidation of a few bacteria is not the treatment effect. It’s the beginning of a chain reaction that up-regulates – your self healing, – your antioxidant production and your cell defence. The effects that happen after the treatment are the key to your health.

  4. Hi Marcus, The 60ml syringes say single use on the pack, are these safe for multiple use with ozone?

    1. Single use for blood or any medium. ozone is self sterilising but the rubber slowly disintegrates. We use them around 5 to 6 times with gas and then get a new one. You can get them cheap on Ebay or you can order a glass syringe and use it for a long time.

  5. Lima Dabbouk says:

    Hi Marcus, been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and plan on doing ozone daily. I have tested the 70mg/l to see if it irritates me and it doesn’t. I did chemo 6 months ago and i take a table every day which is a form of chemo but in a small dose (palbocibl). My question is to systematically boost my immune system 200ml seems like a small dosage. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Lima, 200ml is just fine. More does NOT help more when you do rectal insufflations. It’s a switch that is turned on with 60ml and 200ml just alike.

      It’s different if you do DIV or Hyperbaric ozone as the amount of ozone they use, sterilises the blood at the same time while triggering the immune boost effect. It’s kind of 2 treatment at once and especially helpful ifs you have chronic infections.

  6. Carlos Romero. says:


    Do you leave or take out the water that you installed in the vagina during the vaginal insuflation?

    1. I assume most will run out into a towel as soon as you sit up. You can use afterwards an inlay in your undies to prevent walking around with wet pants.

  7. What treatment do you reommend for HSV?

  8. Hi Marcus, What is the protocol for an autistic toddler please?

    1. Student of Natural medicine says:


      As far as not doing RI’s & IV’s same day w ozone, that’s for people new to ozone mostly to avoid detox symptoms from killing too many pathogens. There’s literally no known risk for ODing on oxygen from ozone, & even over oxidation is usually only a local concern, not a systemic issue. For example if someone does IV’s in the same vein daily w large doses of high concentrations they may eventually have oxidative damage that area of the vein used, but not systemically which is unheard of even w multiple daily treatments, if basic common sense & a little V-C is used.


    i am a 20 year survivor of late stage prostate cancer. I do rectal insufflations with my EX120 ozone generator and my medical grade oxygen cannisters. I just want to know what the correct settings are on my ozone generator and my Oxygen regulator. I have been using the regulator at 1/8th and the ozone generator dial to 3. IS THIS YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE CORRECT USE OF MY EQUIPMENT. THE DURATION OF MY TREATMENT I SET AT 10 TO 13 MINUTES OF EXPOSURE.

    1. Hello Joshua, the device should have a chart on it where yuy can see the gamma or the microgram / mili-litre or miligram / lite. The setting should be around the 40 milligram per litre. All studies have shown the best long term results with 35mg/l to 45mg/l

  10. Carolyn Newcomb says:

    I had a total colectomy a few years back and I have an internal J Pouch. They left the rectum, and for the last couple years I developed UC again in the rectum. I developed antibodies to Inflectra and now take Humira. After 9 mos I feel so so. I’m interested in Ozone treatment. Do you think I’d be a candidate with my internal plumbing being what it is? Thank you.

    1. Hello Carolyn. unfortunately are cases like yours not very easy to answer. Ozone would destroy latex and as I have no idea what your plumbing is made of I can’t not say yes or no. If you insert directly into the rectum then yes I think it could work but if you try to go through the port then I think the risk is too big. May be your doctor can tell you the material grade.

  11. Hi Marcus,

    What protocol should I use for proctitis and ulcerative colitis please? How long should I have the procedure? Many thanks. Kindest regards, Lucindo

    1. As long as it takes to take the inflammation down. It took me 8 weeks until my gut inflammation subsided and the pain stopped.

  12. Liz Light says:


    When doing RI is it dangerous to smell the gas that comes out of the colon afterwards? Or if there is a small amount of ozone leftover in the bag is this dangerous to smell? What about the smell of the ozonated oils? Thank you!

    1. Nope. When it comes out as a fart it is pure oxygen with a flavour of your bowel. The ozone molecules react in seconds with the mucus membrane and the bacteria and discharge instantly.

  13. Philip Swanepoel says:

    Hi Marcus,
    My daughter has been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC), post chemo. There seems to be evidence for Ozone being an effective treatment for this condition with bladder insufflations.
    She does not tolerate RI well, so wondering if there would be benefit in VI instead? Would VI conceivably benefit the bladder being in the same proximity?

    1. A few of our female clients use Ozone directly through the urethra into the bladder after it has been emptied. This seems to kill off all infections in the bladder. My mum had it too and it helped a lot. You would use the syringe and try with small amount and lower concentration to see the effects. Do not go above 40mg/l in concentrration. VI would also help. Just make sure you do not use ozone on dry skin. Use besides the gas catheter a second syringe filled with ozone water to keep the mucus membrane moist.

  14. hi Marcus,
    Can you suggest daily frequency of RI for someone getting started with O3. I have autoimmune
    pancreatitis. thanks.

    1. Once a day after you had your bowel movement. I like mornings as then i know it’s done for the day. Some of our clients do it in the evening as they want to support the healing process which happens at night. 200ml to 250ml once a day whenever your bowel is empty.

  15. Hello and thanks so much for all of this helpful information! Question: does frequent rectal O3 insufflation upset the gut flora balance? Should I take steps to replenish while doing daily rectal ozone? Thank you!

    1. Not at all. You recolonise the rectum in matters of minutes when the stool pushes back down. It’s not that you sterilise the colon. You just oxidise a few bacteria and this is observed and noticed by your immune system which then gets into action and knows who to kill. No risk of kicking any good bacteria.

  16. Hi Marcus, how is RI compared to IV ozone therapy? Is IV way stronger and more effective than RI? Thanks!

    1. I would not call it stronger as it is only designed to up regulate your NrF2. The oxidative response does that in both ways. DIV may be faster in response and far easier to apply. In the case or Multipass it would have other effects like killing off a lot of bacteria and fungus in the blood.

  17. Anton Beech-Webb says:

    Hi, would like to do RI but partner has had an Ileostomy so large intestine removed and bag fitted, rectum sealed, would RI still work with the rectum sealed or would VI be better for systemic treatment?

    1. I have no idea. If the blood vessels from the colon are still leading to the liver there can be a benefit but you would need to flush with ozone water first to avoid mucosa irritation. The main reaction is triggered via the blood. Hence MAHT and DIV. I’d say it can still effect the systemic response or up regulating NrF2

  18. Tatyana Moran says:

    Hi, your website is the best resource on ozone, thank you so much for everything you do. Some books on ozone suggest to stay on knees and elbows for 5-10 min after rectal insufflation to facilitate gas distribution in the trunk. It doesn’t make sense to me since gases always go up, and in this position they would just come out of the body faster, if anything, standing up would keep it in the body. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. You are spot on. These suggestions are made without any common sense.

  19. Virginia Burke says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask questions. (My diagnosis is adv malig melanoma III as it metastatized to my armpit lymph after biopsy and grew to size of tennis ball after melonoma surgery).

    Here’s my question: what would be the best schedule for rectal ozone as I begin immune therapy. I have been doing RI daily for 24 days; 200ml at 1/8 lpm and 69 on the gamma chart. I also do PEMF, RIFE freqency, and 1/2 hour at 180 degrees Finnish sauna daily.

    I’ve read 3 weeks on 1x per day then 1 week off and start again with 3 weeks at 2x per day and so on. Also I’ve read 3 days each week and 4 days off. Is there a “best schedule” in your opinion for this type of agressive cancer. Also do you recommend the settings I’m using with my Promolife ARC.

    Thank you so much for your time in reading this.

    1. Hello Virginia, sorry for my late reply. The website had stopped sending me email notifications and I just saw 750 unanswered questions. What I know is that once a day is plenty enough. The up regulation of NrF2 lasts for up to 24 hours after application which means you are fine with once a day and rather do something joyful instead of more RI. Also the effects of mucosal application is not better above 40mg/l. so if you use 1/4 setting it is strong enough to create the oxidative response and upregulate your healing mechanism. Yes for Multi Pass treatments it is correct that the effects are stronger if you increase total gamma but not with rectal insufflations.

  20. Hello,

    I am treating my stomach and because RI helps, I wanted to increase the dosage to the max. I did it two times a day, 900 ml at 50 gamma. No negative side effects so far, I go straight to the toilet (otherwise constipated) and I see some white mucus or maybe even parasites, I do not know what that is?

    Because I do not want to over do it, I also tried doing RIOO. This probably isn’t a term, but instead of BOO, I used that for RI, and used it for longer periods of time. There wasn’t any discomfort and I don’t have to go to the toilet immediately, so I wanted to ask if this was an alternative to larger dosage of RI? I was thinking of doing one 500 ml of RI and one longer RIOO, what do you think? My symptoms and energy is improving rapidly and I am glad I found one thing that works.

    1. Hello David. I have no idea. Honestly. I tried mega large doses of up to 4l and micro doses of 60ml syringe and like all doctors said, it did not make a difference as long as I did it. The main result was that I became more aware of how I feel and I guess thats the main thing. You test and try what works for you. Dr. Lamberto Re in Ancona Italy said that the volume does not matter at all. Its a switch. When you turn it on it creates NrF2. How hard or brutal you flick the switch does not matter. On or Off. Thats why so many doctors in Europe just use small amounts of ozone and say it works just the same.

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Calls are redirected to Australia. Please leave a message so we can call you back.

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