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I Love Ozone

Learn from Dr. Robert Rowen MD. how his Ozone journey started and how easy he was convinced when he saw results over 31 years ago.

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In all my years of research I have never heard a doctor say “I LOVE …… ” No matter which therapy or remedy. Every form of treatment was described with a grain of salt and a variety of if’s and but’s. This has changed since we decided to research Ozone. At least 5 doctors and 8 patients said I LOVE OZONE so passionately that the title stuck we decided to call the new documentary to be ….




I guess the main reason for this emotional response is that usually none of the conventional treatments work. Whether you have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia Lyme disease, cancer or hundreds of chronic diseases, no quick fix works. There are many treatments which are promising like antibiotics for example, but they always work only for a few and other patients do not respond. Or they work only short term and then stop because your bugs get resistant.

Most of the patients who shared their Ozone experience with us had searched for years and tried everything until they finally found this treatment. Ozone not only helped on it’s own, but also improved all other treatments which on their own had little results. Some patients described that they had primed their body with ozone 3 weeks before surgery, chemo or radiation and that they had little to no side effects from these treatments which leave others in a desolate state.

The general consensus about OZONE is that it’s not fast and you need to be persistent, BUT IT ALWAYS WORKS. For some patients the relief came after a week for others it’s taken 8 to 10 weeks. Dependent on how many cofactors are involved it may be a slow process but almost everybody saw fantastic improvements. This observation is confirmed by medical studies and papers which confirm success rates or 62% to 87% .

Over the holiday season I hope to have some peace and quiet to edit and cut over 500 terabytes of videos. Whenever I find a nugget of gold or something you should know immediately, I will share it with you here.

For those who have not yet watched the video with Lamberto Re from Ancona Italy, please do so now. He actually discovered one of the main triggers why OZONE always works and why it is suitable for so many different diseases. This article is very important.


16 Responses

  1. Blossom Tream says:

    I bought an ozone machine from you Marcus. I moved house in April this year. At that time I disconnected everything to pack it all up. Now in the new place I do not have instructions on how to put it altogether. Can u kindly give me a copy of instructions please?

    Thank u

  2. Ersky Freeman says:

    Does Ozone Therapy have any positive affect on High Blood Pressure?

  3. I missed the cancer webinar. How can I access the video to it?

  4. Leone Harker says:

    A good friend has lent me her ozone machine for five weeks to see if my Crohn’s disease improves. Will ozone heal me from Crohn’s disease and how long should I use it??
    Thank you , Leone

    1. Hello Leone

      That depends on whether you promote the disease wile you try to heal it.
      You will definitely have food sensitivities that cause the inflammation.

      If you keep eating foods that aggravate the inflammation the therapy will be long and slow.
      If however you start a healing diet which leaves all foods that cause your problems away the healing will be very fast.

      I personally had the same and had little results while still eating grain, eggs and raw foods. Only when I stopped this my gut healed very fast with the help of Ozone. Today all my problems have completely disappeared. I did the therapy for 8 weeks to achieve complete recovery.

  5. Gabriella says:

    Thank you for your videos and information. You mention a video with Lamberto Re but there is no link. Would you please provide a link or let me know where I can find it? Please also send a link for the article you mention, which is highlighted, but no link. Many thanks.

  6. Hi Marcus Does Ozone have a any positive effects with Glaucoma?

    1. They use mostly ozone eye drops for glaucoma. I personally think, based on experience, that your body starts to heal many different diseases when you start using ozone regularly. I had after a time of very intense ozone insufflations, multiples and direct IV injections an improvement of my eye sight like no doctor has seen before. My near and far sign has improved by 2 dioptric. Its what I am so passionate about Ozone. It heals whatever needs healing and peals like an onion backwards through all of your different conditions. Somehow they all connect with each other.

  7. Idiolinda Ribeiro says:

    I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis/crohn’s disease what protocol should I used? Cuba Protocol for 8 weeks? Do you know what type of diet I should avoid? Many thanks. Kindest wishes

    1. Hello Idiolinda, yes 8 weeks would show you a significant change. I would look at the table of Fiban Henzler which shows a stronger dose in small quantity for the first 3 insufflations. I tried that and had very fast relief. Then you go over to the 1/4 setting and keep that for the rest of your therapy. You find the table of fib Henzler in the Rectal insufflation protocol.

  8. Andrew Doudney says:

    Hi Marcus , I do have an ozone and used it to assist with prostate cancer. With the machine and hormone treatment and diet, and prayer, I turned a PSA of 2750… yes that high ! 2750 back to 0.5 psa.
    However I now face a larger problem , in that my wife has been diagnosed with Dimentia .
    My question is what info do you have on the ozone for cures with dimentia ?
    Kind regards and bless you.
    Andrew Doudney. NZ

    1. Hello Andrew, Congratulations to your success. Thats amazing and shows that a big part of your problem was related to infections. This should have helped in many other areas as well.

      Somehow life does not let loose easily to give us a break. And it usually comes in 3. In regards to demesne it is a very multi layered problem with many different causes. Age is a big component. Diet and deficiencies are almost always involved. There may be infections which would be a case for ozone but mostly it’s related to heavy metal toxicity as well. I am not sure if you have a PEMF or have done a lot of detoxification.

      The key would be to find the main triggers as fast as possible and remove them. They can be vaccination and resulting brain inflammation, or they are related to medication which cause as a side effect the same problems. Or any of the above.

      To be honest I would suggest a cause consultation with Benedict to look for all the underlying causes. This would help narrowing down the problem and advise on the most effective treatment plan.

      The reason I suggest this is because once brain cells and nerves are dead they are not to be recovered, or at least not fast enough at an advanced age. Anything brain or nerve related needs to be addressed as fast as possible as it is often easy to stop progression but it is very hard to recover.

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