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I Love Ozone

Learn from Dr. Robert Rowen MD. how his Ozone journey started and how easy he was convinced when he saw results over 31 years ago.

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In all my years of research I have never heard a doctor say “I LOVE …… ” No matter which therapy or remedy. Every form of treatment was described with a grain of salt and a variety of if's and but's. This has changed since we decided to research Ozone. At least 5 doctors and 8 patients said I LOVE OZONE so passionately that the title stuck we decided to call the new documentary to be ….


I guess the main reason for this emotional response is that usually none of the conventional treatments work. Whether you have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia Lyme disease, cancer or hundreds of chronic diseases, no quick fix works. There are many treatments which are promising like antibiotics for example, but they always work only for a few and other patients do not respond. Or they work only short term and then stop because your bugs get resistant. Most of the patients who shared their Ozone experience with us had searched for years and tried everything until they finally found this treatment. Ozone not only helped on it's own, but also improved all other treatments which on their own had little results. Some patients described that they had primed their body with ozone 3 weeks before surgery, chemo or radiation and that they had little to no side effects from these treatments which leave others in a desolate state. The general consensus about OZONE is that it's not fast and you need to be persistent, BUT IT ALWAYS WORKS. For some patients the relief came after a week for others it's taken 8 to 10 weeks. Dependent on how many cofactors are involved it may be a slow process but almost everybody saw fantastic improvements. This observation is confirmed by medical studies and papers which confirm success rates or 62% to 87% . Over the holiday season I hope to have some peace and quiet to edit and cut over 500 terabytes of videos. Whenever I find a nugget of gold or something you should know immediately, I will share it with you here. For those who have not yet watched the video with Lamberto Re from Ancona Italy, please do so now. He actually discovered one of the main triggers why OZONE always works and why it is suitable for so many different diseases. This article is very important.

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  1. I bought an ozone machine from you Marcus. I moved house in April this year. At that time I disconnected everything to pack it all up. Now in the new place I do not have instructions on how to put it altogether. Can u kindly give me a copy of instructions please?

    Thank u

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Are you aware how powerful ozone therapy actually is?
How useful this therapy is for so many different diseases? 

Wound healing, infected wounds, diabetic neuropathy, leisons, ulcers, warts, pimples, radiation burns, toenail fungus. (Topical applications, bagging, oils, soaking, flushing, insufflations).

Sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal infections, Herpes, EBV, Lyme, systemic immune support, combination treatments, (rectal – vaginal insufflations, bagging)

Leaky gut, Chron’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, IBD, Food Sensitivities, Acne, Allergies, Psoreasis, Eczema, Brain Fog, Depression, Chrinic Fatigue. (Insufflations, water, topical)

How to support Cancer patients with Ozone before and after surgery, chemo and radiation. How do reduce side effects and increase the outcome of all other cancer therapies.


8 Organic Ozone Oils

The ideal home pharmacy for infected wounds, anti-aging, acne/pimples, warts, toenail fungus, vaginal infections, hair-loss, postoperative healing, radiation burns, improving blood flow, reducing pain and many more….