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Ear Insufflation With Ozone

Ozone ear insufflation is a great method to improve ear infections, vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus etc. 

Safety of Ear Ozone O3 treatments.

Ozone ear treatments are very effective already at very low concentrations of 5mg/l to 16mg/l when applied via a moistened Q-tip.

Application up to 3 x per day.

To avoid itching and irritation of the fine mucus membrane in your ear it is important to moisten the ear canal with a wet Q-tip. Simply spray some ozone water into your ear or dip the Q-tip into ozone water before inserting the Ozone into your ear.

Ear insufflation done via an ear stetoscope (with pressure) can result in excruciating pain in and behind the ears. You can even damage your ear drums due to the pressure. We do not recommend this application and caution you to be careful. 

Due to the substantial risk factors using an ear scope, we recommend the very gentle method via the Q-tip version. When using the Q-tip method no pressure is applied. The actual Ozone application is also done in seconds.

Be aware that existing infections can get temporarily worse during the ozone induced healing crisis.


10 Responses

  1. Hi. Can you tell me how and this works? I think my son has ear infections. Is it best to use this treatment or would ozonated oils work as well? He is a science guy and wants the why before he will allow me to do anything. Thank you!

  2. Hello,
    I purchased the bundle pack from you guys and I would like to start doing ear insufflations for my two autistics sons. I was checking the ear insufflation video, and the video only teaches how to do the ear insufflation using the syringe. I would like to know how to do it using the stethoscope. Do you have instructions on how to do ear insufflation using the stethoscope? I am completely lost trying to manage this kind of application. People said there are three ways to do ear insufflation, one using the syringe and the other two using the stethoscope. Is this information correct? Do you have videos showing how to do these three ways to do the ear insufflation? The reason I want to use the stethoscope is because my autistic sons are very terrified of syringes and needles.
    Thank you and have a lovely day.

    1. Hello Tamara

      We do neither sell nor recommend ear insufflation via stethoscope. There are a few reasons that make this process dangerous and inadequate.

      1. You should never apply ozone on dry skin. It causes an oxidative stress and inflammation. The Antioxidants are depleted and the body reacts with itching and a rash.

      2. If ozone is applied with pressure into the ear you can cause damage to the ear drums. These stethoscopes are very tight and have caused considerable harm.

      That’s why we use a technique which is applies and used in Europe since 50 years. It’s proven to work and you have full control over the application.

  3. What is the size of this syringe? I would love to do this method, but can’t find these materials for sale on your website. Do you sell this syringe and blunt needle or can you advise on sizing so I might purchase it somewhere? I’m in the US. Thank you for this great information!

    1. Hello Tracy
      best is to get a glass syringe on eBay or amazon. They are much cheaper and faster. We have no individual stock. You can get these glass syringes with LUERLOCK head in 100ml or even 200ml. Then you can use them even for rectal insufflations and save yourself the insufflation bags.

  4. Hi! I wanted to say thanks!! for this wonderful information. I just need to ask you what number is the needle that fits into the Q-tip. Going to amazon they have different sizes 17G, 21G, 23G etc. Thanks a lot!!

    1. HAHA. good question. I have no idea. We have different ear swaps in AU than I found in Europe and USA. Some are thick and others super slim. There are sets with 5 different sizes on eBay or Amazon. Order one of them and test with your particular brand of q tips.

  5. The other question I wanted to ask is the treatment for the tinnitus. Thanks!!

    1. We have more and more reports of PEMF being super helpful with Tinnitus. it seems to be the most reliable treatment. ozone works as well (rectal) if your cause is based on infections.

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