Ozone = Anti Ageing, Rejuvenation

Ozone has many favourable effects on the human body

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Ozone has many favourable effects on the human body. The first focuses on the increased energy production ozone triggers in your body:

  • Increased ATP production
  • Better fat and glucose metabolism
  • Anti Ageing and rejuvenation
  • Faster healing
  • Better disease prevention

Ozone works in such a powerful way because it triggers better oxygen (O2) utilization, how well you can make use of oxygen in your system.

Oxygen is needed for energy production – Oxygen  metabolizes fat or glucose into water, heat, carbon dioxide, NADH, and ATP – making it the most efficient way to gain energy. 

There are several ways to get oxygen into your system, including Hyperbaric Oxygen and drinks and drops to increase oxygen levels, however all of them lack the ability to increase utilization.

The question is not only how to get more oxygen into your body, but how you can increase the use of it. 

Normally, this is achieved primarily through exercise. The more you get used to exercise and build up your exercise tolerance, the more oxygen you take up and release faster into our cells. You create small oxidative stress and this consequently creates a cascade of chemical reactions in your body that improve oxygen utilization.

When you have a low Oxygen utilisation you are tired and exhausted and have what is called exercise intolerance. This means sensitivity to cold, low body temperature, fatigue, exhaustion, low endurance, and as an end result, chronic disease.

Ozone bridges that gap, and simulates exercise. In O3, there are three oxygen molecules, and as soon as those get into the body one oxygen molecule splits off.  This singlet O oxidises pathogens and unhealthy tissue and causes a cascade of chemical reactions. NADH /  NAD is formed, pro anti inflammatory cytokines are lowered  as well as NRF2 is triggered which cause a healing reaction within your system. This small oxidative stress activates growth factors and anti-inflammatory response, which simulates exercise.

So, if you do regular ozone treatments, you actually simulate regular exercise.


In more detail, hemoglobin, which is what makes our red blood cells red, carries oxygen from your lungs throughout the body – through the fine capillaries to every organ and cell in your system.

If these red blood cells are rigid, stiff and greedy they take up little oxygen and release it unwillingly. This is when your body goes into an anaerobic fermentation process which produces little ATP and causes a high acidity. This is the perfect breeding ground for cancer.

O3 activates production of extra pliable SUPER RED BLOOD CELLS that take up and release oxygen much faster and provide much better utilisation.

Drinking one glass of ozone water a day and using an insufflation pack once a day simulates gentle exercise, releases anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors which provide the body with excess energy to heal, mend and repair.

As soon as those cells take up and release oxygen easily, they turn your ATP into a powerhouse, and that's why you have lasting endurance and energy do actually do some exercise.

Those red blood cells are made in your bone marrow with a lifecycle of around 120 days. So when you start your Ozone treatments it will take close to 120 days to have all of your red blood cells turned into super red blood cells. Therefore do not stop before you have all the energy you need.

Ozone = Oxygen utilisation = Exercise In A Bag

Dr. Shallenberger once said that ozone is exercise in a bottle, or insufflation pack, or syringe. So, having more energy is directly linked to Oxygen utilisation, which is directly linked to your ozone treatments.

It's that exercise in a bottle that helps you break down fat and glucose into more energy, rejuvenates hair and skin, and repairs with all the growth factors, NRF2, and healing switches that are turned on. You build up resilience.


Without Oxygen No Other Therapy Works!

There are several ways to get Ozone into your body.  Ozone water, rectal insufflations and females have the added bonus of vaginal insufflations which have have a very powerful impact on the lymphatic system. Any of these treatments help with Oxygen utilisation and increase your quality of life.

You can learn how to use these therapies safely at home at the TRULY HEAL Ozone University. We have created a whole series of videos outlining all the different treatments, how to set up your own home clinic and how to treat particular diseases with ozone. httpss://

This can be done via sport and exercise, which like Ozone provides the same oxidative stress. Healthier red blood cells being produced in the bone marrow to bind and deliver more oxygen to the body due to the oxidative stress. I mentioned this already in a previous article: “Ozone is Exercise in a insufflation bag”.


Better Oxygen Utilisation = Much Improved IV Vitamin C Response

An Italian group of researchers postulate that a prolonged cycle of ozonated autohemotherapy may correct tu­mor hypoxia, leading to less aggressive tumor behavior. 

Improving oxygen levels would be expected to favor the anticancer effect of vi­tamin C.

The level of tissue oxygenation may be the most im­portant limiting factor in the anticancer activity of high dose IV vitamin C.

As we are all well aware, one of the most impor­tant mechanisms by which vitamin C exerts its anticancer action is by the production of hydrogen peroxide. For this to occur, the presence of sufficient oxygen is a requisite. Limited oxygen availability reduces the chances of the production of hydrogen per­oxide from the conversion of ascorbic acid to dehydroascorbic acid.


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