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Medical Ozone Training

Ozone Therapy is a safe, effective and systemic treatment. 

It promotes healing to the whole body not just one area.

If you are interested only in 10 pass one on one training, contact office directly. We work that training into our weekly schedule. You will do at least 3 and possibly 4 10 pass treatments yourself.

We have strictly limited seats for quality and do expect to max out, so, if interested, please register early. Outstanding food is provided. Organic. Vegetarian, low lectin, and delicious.

Mastering Ozone Therapy” workshop.

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to announce the date of our next practical “Mastering Ozone Therapy” workshop. 

It is formatted to reflect the exploding interest in hyperbaric ozone therapy and especially the Lahodny pioneered Ozone High dose Therapy (OHT), which I call 10-pass for ease. (You’ll also see the phenomenal Hocatt Ozone and CO2 steam sauna, and, an original Knott ultraviolet device.) 

Our workshop is two full days.  

Day One is for ALL (advanced, beginner, and intermediate prolozone) therapists.  

Day Two is designed for those desiring specifically to learn and practice hyperbaric ozone (HBO3) and the OHT (10 pass) technique.  

We think HBO3 is a superior way to do Major AutoHemotherapy (MAH) since more ozone/oxygen is dissolved into the blood with the higher pressure method.  We vacuum up 200 cc of blood into a glass bottle, ozonate the blood under pressure inside the bottle, then return it to the patient (one pass). This is repeated for a total of 10 passes for Dr. Lahodny’s Ozone High dose Therapy (OHT).   If all goes well, this OHT treatment can be done in less than one hour. We believe that we have significantly improved the 10-pass technique as taught by Dr. Lahodny, by slashing required heparin from 20K, as originally taught,  to as low as 6.5K units.  Most often we need only one disposable glass set which costs ~ 10 USD per patient. We teach hyperbaric ozone on the Zotzmann machine, which we believe delivers a superior treatment due to the higher average pressures, reliability of concentration, and more accurate ozone concentration values and volumes than other similar machines. You can actually see the volume of ozone used as the ozone fills a syringe under atmospheric pressure.  It has proved to be a stalwart workhorse in our hands for 28 consecutive years. We demonstrate both Longevity and Promolife machines for non-hyperbaric uses. 

Please see my YouTube channel: and let the patients and past workshop attendees tell you themselves the value and benefits of ozone therapy, especially OHT, and this particular training seminar.   We have been repeatedly told that we are “giving away” priceless knowledge and experience, considering the value you get in training for a potentially life-altering paradigm change for you and your patients.  No one has complained about the price value after the experience. And, I will be happy to share written evaluations with you. The January 2020 workshop scored us 479 points out of a possible 480 on CME evaluations. Dr. Jim Novack said, “Best seminar in 40 years of medical practice.”

We will take you through pin pointing injection site location, and essential dental evaluation with kinesiology, a tool for best results!  We also will demonstrate HBO3 combined with ultraviolet light therapy simultaneously, a relatively new addition to our workshops.  Additionally, a representative from the Hocatt ozone sauna company may be here to show and demonstrate one single machine, which simultaneously can deliver ozone, CO2 (gets converted to carbonic acid which balances the parasympathetic nervous system, and increases circulation), PEMF, electrotherapy frequencies, far infrared, light therapy, and more. Hocatt is just awesome for vein challenged patients, or who don’t want needles, or as a stand-alone ozone treatment. 

DAY ONE: August 7, 2020 Basic/Intermediate/Advanced ozone therapy: 9:30 am PST start time; Approx end time 7 pm

Morning session: We will teach different methods of administration of ozone therapy inclusive of the highly advanced hyperbaric ozone (HBO3) method, with a demonstration, including our well known “bloodless” techniques of IV insertion.  (We also teach on non-hyperbaric machines as well, but we do NOT teach gravity MAH (Major AutoHemotherapy) on them. You will see why when I demo the hyperbaric ozone method). We will be giving basic instruction on RMDIV (Robins Method Direct IntraVenous) for ozone gas (used to cure Ebola).   Dr. Howard Robins will be present and demonstrating.

We provide a fantastic low-lectin, gluten-free organic vegetarian lunch. 

Afternoon session: Prolozone techniques on our own patients and seminar participants.  With this session, you will be shown how to perform most joint and soft tissue injections. And I will be demonstrating the use of applied kinesiology to more accurately localize where to inject. Patients love this as they can receive less but seemingly more effective injections.  In one class we taught sacral hiatus injection for spinal stenosis, back pain, and neuropathy;  injections for erectile dysfunction and prostate issues;  and suprapubic injection and vaginal wall Frankenhauser’s injection for female pelvic issues;  as well as TMJ, neck, back, knee and anterior approach hip injections.  We cannot promise to have demo patients for all these injections at every class, however. But we regularly now have prostate and sacral hiatus (epidural) demo injections. 

All of you will be entitled to one oxidation treatment, either blood or joint/soft tissue injection.  Another class participant may do the prolozone on another class participant under my guidance.  I cannot promise every one of you a blood treatment due to time and vein size issues, but we like all of you to at least experience DIV. Why? Because if I happen to stick myself with a contaminated needle (as has happened 4 times in 33 years of ozone) I go right to my machine and mainline 40 cc of gas. I repeat it several hours later. You read that right!

All attendees for Day One will be given a USB drive (priceless, but subject to a non-disclosure agreement) with my entire oxidation library, and will subsequently be given access to our Dropbox site for high quality videos of the procedures. You also may be listed on our website oxidation referral list if you desire (with certain exceptions). This listing is quite valuable for referrals. 

DAY TWO:  Saturday August 8 2020:   OHT (10 Pass)  9:30 am PST start time; Approx end time 7 pm

Because of feedback we received from our August 2015 incredible session with Dr. Johann Lahodny, MD of Austria, it’s clear to us that many who come now want as much experience with the hyperbaric ozone method as possible, and to forgo other types of training. Many already are doing prolozone and non-blood ozone methods, so they might not wish to expend time and resources on training they don’t need. So, we added a second day to our training.  It will begin with a 60-minute didactic presentation on hyperbaric ozone (and DIV ozone) and why hyperbaric ozone is usually more therapeutic than gravity MAH.  Then we will demonstrate the OHT (ten pass) procedure. We will carefully go through virtually all of the problems that can arise so that you can take care of them in your office if it arises during a treatment.   Then we will break up into smaller groups with my nurses and me supervising, so that you can perform at least 5 consecutive HBO3 passes (most sessions participants conduct 10 full passes) on the same class-participant recipient.  Only participants with big veins will be chosen to be recipients of this OHT practice.   We will be teaching the improved (safer) lower dose heparin method.

A Hocatt sauna rep may be present to talk during lunch and demo the device at any time during the weekend.

A fantastic low-lectin, gluten-free, organic vegetarian lunch is included. 

Prerequisite for Both Days unless staff member:  Current professional license that allows you to perform IV/injection therapy and order medical supplies under your own license.  

Staff – A doctor may purchase, at regular registration rate, an additional seat for an accompanied office staff member to attend, if a seat is available.  If the doctor has taken one of our past “basic” office classes, then professional office staff may attend at regular registration rate unaccompanied by the doctor. 

COST:  You may attend one day or the other or both, provided the prerequisites are met. 

Note- If your office is in California and north of the Golden Gate Bridge, please contact me directly regarding some specific details. 

Book This Training Right Now.

If you are interested only in 10 pass one on one training, contact office directly. We work that training into our weekly schedule. You will do at least 3 and possibly 4 10 pass treatments yourself.

We have strictly limited seats for quality and do expect to max out, so, if interested, please register early. Outstanding food is provided. Organic. Vegetarian, low lectin, and delicious.

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4 Responses

  1. Irwin abraham MD says:

    I could not find the sign-up for Aug. 7th course (2020)

    1. We are launching the training webinars in June.

  2. Richard Chai says:

    Hi Dr Robert Rowen,
    I am very interested in your Ozone training workshop. Because of the present Covid pandemic there is so much restrictions in travelling. It will be very good if you can organize an on line workshop training. I hope you can look into this.

    Thank you

    Dr Richard Chai

    1. Hello Richard, the reason we made all the application videos is so that you can follow them individually based on the diseases. You can find all APPLICATION and SETUP videos on this page. If you write underneath the suitable video your question I will answer for the benefit of all. But that being said I think you are right and we should do another webinar with a practical application.

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